SR22 Insurance in Hawaii

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Is it true that now I will have to pay the full year premium in advance to restore the insurance just because my auto insurance was canceled for non-payment? Do I need Hawaii SR22 insurance coverage now?


Honolulu, HI

SR22 insurance Hawaii

This depends with the underwriting laws of that insurance provider in Hawaii you are trying to get car insurance from. They might required you to pay in full for your next car insurance policy.

Also I should mention,  that it does matter if the state will require you to file a statement of financial proof. Most states require a six month paid in full if you have permitted your insurance to lapse. This is called an SR22 certificate.

Additional factors that could likely effect the decision and if you will have to pay for a full year’s policy in advance would. This can be the length of time of your insurance has lapsed after cancellation because of non payment or if any losses have taken place since that cancellation period.

For instance, some companies will sometimes reinstate a policy that has canceled because of non-payment – if the lapse in coverage is less than thirty days, and no losses have occurred.

In the state of Hawaii, the insurance company will file the sr22 to provide proof that the driver has liability insurance active.

The driver is responsible for obtaining an SR22 bond from his car insurance company and the insurance company will make sure that sufficient documentation about current liability insurance, which will include all renewals, is up to date. If the SR-22 bond lapses or has been canceled, insurers will notify the DMV.

If you get convicted of DUI in Hawaii, you can expect to have expensive insurance. The reason for this is because you are now deemed to be a high risk driver, lucky you.

Ask your car insurance agents for any sort of discounts you can get to lower rates.

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